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One-Way Interview Invitation Methods: Email via Spark Hire vs. Interview Link

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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A One-Way Interview consists of you creating a series of interview questions that a candidate will answer on video at their convenience.

There are two ways to invite candidates to a One-Way Interview on Spark Hire.

Some people see the "Interview link" and think it's a different type of interview altogether. However, the interview link feature is simply an alternative way for you to invite candidates to a one-way interview.

Instead of sending an email from Spark Hire to invite your candidates, the interview link feature gives you a link that you can insert anywhere you want.

For example, you can put the interview link in a personal email to a candidate or on your website as a call to action.

When a candidate clicks the interview link, they'll be able to register themselves for the one-way interview that's associated with the interview link.

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