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Invite candidates to interview on Spark Hire

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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1. Click Create new interview on your Interviews page or from the side menu.

2. Select the job you want the interview to be for and the One-Way Interview type.

3. When creating a One-Way Interview, you'll be given the option to send the interview invitation via email, directly through Spark Hire, or as an interview link, which you can send via your own email, or other means (ie. post on your website, job post, or social media).

For more details on creating an interview link for One-Way Interviews, click here.

This is where you'll:

  • Create your interview questions (up to 10)
  • Customize your time settings
  • Add a limit for re-recording
  • Restrict how long a candidate can think about their answer
  • Apply the above three settings to all questions
  • Save interview question templates 
  • Use suggested interview questions
  • Record or embed video questions

Within the Question Sets list in the Question Bank, you can sort sets by name and date last updated. If you have created a new set in another tab, you can click on Refresh to update the question sets list.

Build your interview using the tools available on this page and click Continue.


4. The final page of the interview creation process is where you'll set a deadline for your One-Way Interview and customize your email invitation content.

Select a date, time, and time zone. Then, proceed to inviting your candidates.

Enter the full names and email address of your candidate(s). 

If you're on a Pro, Team, Growth, or Enterprise account, you can upload a CSV file containing 100 candidates. To do this, click CSV upload next to Add Candidates. This will provide you with instructions, a place to upload your file, and an example CSV template.


You will also have the option to send candidates an SMS text message to let them know they’ve been sent an interview invitation. This feature is available on Pro (at current pricing), Team, Growth, and Enterprise plans.

You can learn more about SMS interview updates here.


If you have set up default email templates for one-way interview invites in your email template library, then this is the content that will be sent by default.

If you want to modify your email invitation content or choose another template, select Yes under Do you want to modify the email invitation that will be sent?

From here, you'll have the ability to customize the content or choose a new email template by clicking Select Email Template and choosing one from the modal that appears.

5. When you're ready to finish, click Create interview and your invitation(s) will be sent!

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