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Instructions for participating in a Live Interview

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Participating in a Live Interview

  1. Visit your Interviews page, or click through the interview invitation link you were provided and select "Go to your interview". (If using the interview link, skip step 2)

  2. Find the Live Interview you want to enter and click "Enter". This does not start the interview. You'll be able to prepare before being connected.
  3. A page will load where you will be prompted to join the interview and you will be asked to grant permission to your webcam and microphone.

    We highly recommend using headphones during Live Interviews to reduce the likelihood of echo or feedback.

  4. Next, you will go through a quick technical setup

    -Webcam: Use the dropdown menu to select a webcam until you can see yourself in the webcam preview. Click "Continue" to move to the next step.

    -Microphone: Use the dropdown menu to select a microphone until you see the volume meter filling up with color. Click "Continue" when you're done setting up your microphone.

    -Speed Test: This will determine your connection quality. Click “Continue” and then on “Enter Interview”.
  5. If you’re the leader (first company-side user to enter the interview), you can click on “Start Interview” once all participants have joined and are ready.

  6. Our system will start routing you and the other party to the server with the optimal video connection for your Live Interview. Once the server is determined, you'll be instantly connected to the other party assuming they have also entered the interview.

  7. Navigating the interview (see the screenshot below):
    1. Time remaining in the interview.
    2. In the lower left corner, you will have options for screen sharing (monitor icon)
    3. Next to the screen share option is the chat button. Here you can chat with other interview participants. Please note that chats can be seen by all participants
    4. Microphone settings
    5. Webcam settings
    6. In the lower right corner, you will have the option to toggle between a tile view and the default view

    7. Next to the tile view toggle, you will find the "More actions" menu

      Here, you will be able to:
      -Adjust your name as displayed in the interview
      -Manage your video quality
      -Toggle fullscreen
      -Adjust webcam and microphone settings

    8. Leave Interview button


  8. When the interview is done, you will be automatically redirected to your Interviews page.

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