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Camera Troubleshooting

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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If your webcam is selected and not showing any video, please follow the steps below:

1. Close applications other than Spark Hire that use your webcam and microphone. These applications such as Zoom, Teams, Facetime, or your device's default camera app may interfere with Spark Hire's ability to leverage your webcam and microphone.

2. Restart your computer to ensure that the camera is not being used by another application.

3. Utilize a newer web browser. The most recent versions of the following browsers are supported:

5. Ensure nothing is physically obscuring the webcam lens.  Some devices may have a built-in sliding cover near the camera lens.

6. If you still can't get video to work, select a different webcam to use or use an Android or iOS mobile device.

To access the interview on a mobile device, simply access the interview link you've been sent on the device you wish to use.

On Android, you will need to use Chrome, while on iOS you will need to use Safari.

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