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Can I re-record my One-Way Interview answer?

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Spark Hire gives companies the ability to set how many times a job seeker can record their answer.

When doing a One-Way Interview, you'll see how many times you can attempt an answer for a question before you view the question.



This is an example where the question has unlimited think time, unlimited takes, and a two-minute response time limit.

This will be referred to as Takes. You may also have a question which has a specific amount of Think Time.

The number of takes for a specific question refers to the number of times you can attempt to answer that question.

The amount of think time for a specific question refers to the total amount of time you can think about your answer before the recorder automatically starts. If you have a limited amount of think time, you'll always have 1 take.



This is an example where the question has a limited amount of think time applied.


While recording and reviewing your responses, you will be able to see how many takes you have left above the video recorder box.



When you run out of takes, you will no longer be able to re-record.  You will have the option to not submit anything to the question (this will display as a skipped question to the interview reviewer), or submit your most recent recording.

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