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Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Once you enter your interview, you'll be taken through a few steps before recording your answers.

First, you'll watch a quick intro video.

Next, you'll get walked through setting up your webcam and microphone. You'll be asked to confirm that both are working before proceeding to a tutorial and practice video.

After recording a practice video, you'll proceed to the first question. You'll see a screen with important information about the question, including think time (how long you'll have to think about your response before needing to record), how many takes you're allotted to record before needing to submit your response, and your response's time limit. Click on View Question to proceed.

If there is limited think time, you will have a timer during which you can think about how you'll respond to the question. When the timer is up, recording will begin automatically.

If there is unlimited think time, you can click on the Record button, in the upper right corner of the video recorder, and then begin your response.  There will be a Stop button where the record button had been; click this to end the recording.

After recording, your video will play back for you to review.  If you're satisfied with it, click on Submit to proceed to the next question.  If not satisfied and you are given multiple takes, click on Retake, to record another response.  If you run out of takes, you will be given the option to skip responding to the question.

Once all questions have been responded to, your interview will be submitted to the company you're interviewing for to watch and review.



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