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How do job slots work?

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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One of the differences between Spark Hire's pricing plans is the number of job slots you can do video interviews for.

The number of job slots in your plan is the number of positions you can actively conduct video interviews for on Spark Hire.

Your available job slots will always appear at the top of your Jobs page.

Active Jobs vs. Inactive Jobs

Active jobs never expire unless you manually deactivate them or downgrade to a plan with less job slots.

Inactive jobs are still visible in your account, but you can't schedule any video interviews for them. Candidates will not be able to enter an interview for an inactive job.

Activating Jobs

When you create or edit a job, you'll click Save as Active. You can immediately start scheduling video interviews for this job.

If the job previously existed and is inactive, you can click Activate under the job on your jobs page.

Deactivating Jobs

From your list of active jobs, you can deactivate a job to open up a slot. Find the job you want to deactivate and click Deactivate.

What happens if I upgrade to a plan with more job slots?

Awesome :) You'll be able to start creating more jobs and doing more interviews right away!

What happens if I downgrade to a plan with less job slots?

When your downgrade takes effect on your billing anniversary, our system will automatically check the number of active jobs you have. If you are over your job slot limit, our system will automatically deactivate jobs (starting with the oldest first) until you are under your limit. You can log in and modify which jobs you want active and inactive at any time. However, keep in mind that candidates will not be able to interview for jobs that are inactive.

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