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Improving your collaboration can help you advance candidates through the process quickly, make better hiring decisions and decrease your time to hire. 

90.3% of customers state that Spark Hire has helped them improve one or more of the following

  • Time to hire
  • Quality of candidates advanced through the hiring process
  • Collaboration between the HR/talent acquisition team and hiring managers

You will be able to find, watch and share all your completed interviews from your interviews page. We recommend that you organize your interviews by job, tags, or other filters. We have an article on our customer community about organizing interviews for efficiency that you can read through for tips. 

You can evaluate each interview on Spark Hire, but should make note you will not be able to see other user’s ratings until you left your own. This will prevent a bias from forming before you can watch the interview. Eliminating bias allows everyone to give their genuine thoughts and opinions on a candidate, and also allows you to hire candidates based on an informed, genuine decision.

If you need to share interviews with people outside of your Spark Hire account you have several different options. 

  1. You can send a basic share link to share one interview at a time
  2. If you want to gather feedback while sharing multiple interviews we recommend the advanced share link. 

Note: Reviewers with the advanced link will not be allowed to see others' feedback to prevent bias. You can view the feedback once submitted in the interview. 

  1. You can download interviews if needed. 



We understand that sometimes you need to explain the benefits of Spark Hire to non-users from decision-makers and budget approvers to hiring managers. Below are some options to help you communicate the benefits.


Share an interview. You can use a basic or advanced interview link to share an interview with them. Having a non-user watch an interview. 


Share our one-pager.  We recommend sending your non-users this Spark Hire one-pager. The one-pager will walk them through the benefits of using Spark Hire. 


Video References. It can be helpful to non-users to hear how other customers are using Spark Hire to increase their hiring speed and how it improves collaboration. To assist you in showcasing this, we have put together some video references you can share. Below are a few highlights of these reviews but you can find a full list on our website. 


“When you have a small team doing a lot of things, any tools that you can implement to make your job easier and work smarter are what you need to be looking at. Spark Hire has been one of those things” “We are able to increase our candidates from 30% to 80%. And the speed of the hire, the time frame of the hiring process is being shortened, because of that Spark Hire one-way video interview.” “So the Spark Hire one-way interview has allowed us to see a huge boost in our ability to hire. We hired 99 folks, internal and external last year, 79 of those were just external, and every one of them, anyone in the process, experienced Spark Hire.”

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