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Consistent communication with your candidate throughout the hiring process will shape your candidate experience and help you retain candidates. This all starts with how you describe your job to your candidates.

Your job descriptions need to accurately describe the job, pay, and benefits. Communicating benefits and pay will ensure you are interviewing candidates that are a good fit for the position. This will ensure you attract and retain candidates that are interested in your position. Make sure your job description in Spark Hire matches the job posting that the candidates applied to. If the job changes when candidates go to an interview, it could cause some confusion. 

We recommend that you read the Dos and Dont’s of Engaging Candidates on One-way Interviews before sending interviews to candidates. 

After the interview, it is important to let the candidate know the outcome. If they are continuing they need to know the next steps. If they are not moving forward, it is important to let them know as well. 

According to our integration partner Lever, 80% of job seekers say they would not reapply to a company that didn’t notify them of their application status and candidates are four times more likely to consider your company in the future if you offer constructive feedback and insight to your decision.

Rejection emails are a courtesy to your candidates, who have put time and effort into applying for a role within your organization. It positively reflects you as an organization and keeps a professional relationship if you would like to hire that candidate for another role in the future. It can also help your company brand maintain a positive image. 

According to CareerArc, nearly 60% of candidates have had a poor candidate experience and 72% of them shared that experience either online or with someone directly

To make this easy, while you are marking a candidate as hired or rejected you can send your candidates an email through Spark Hire. If you have made an email template for the scenario, you can drop that in.


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