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How to set up the integration with Oorwin

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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Using the integration between Spark Hire and Oorwin, you’re able to:

  • Invite candidates to One-way video interviews directly in Oorwin
  • Watch and share video interviews from Oorwin

Setting up the Integration:

Steps to Connect

  1. Sign into Spark Hire
  2. Sign into Oorwin, > Marketplace > Video Interviews > Spark Hire.
  3. Click on the Add Account option.
  4. Provide a unique Display Name, API Key and Status.
  5. Upon clicking Save, the account will be integrated to Oorwin.
  6. Go to Actions of added accounts and Click on Add users.
  7. A pop-up appears with all the Oorwin users; select the users and give credits as required.
  8. Upon clicking on Save the users will see “Pre screen with Spark Hire” in the pipeline tabs.


Using the integration:


Linking Jobs to Spark Hire

To send interviews to a candidate, first you will need to link the job in Oorwin to one in Spark Hire.  To do this, go to the job’s page in Oorwin and click on the Actions button ( ⋮ ) in the top right.

Click Tag Spark Hire Job.

You can make a new job in Spark Hire, using the job details in Oorwin, by clicking Create New Job, or link it to an existing job in Spark Hire by clicking Tag Existing Job and selecting a job from your Spark Hire account.. Next, click Proceed.


Adding Candidates to the Pipeline


You can add candidates to a job’s pipeline in Oorwin by clicking on the Actions button ( ⋮ ) to the left of the candidate’s name from the candidates list, selecting Add Pipeline, and selecting the job for which you would like the interview to be created.


Once the job is linked and the candidate is in the job’s pipeline, you can start sending interviews.


Sending Interviews from the Candidate Page

Navigate to the candidate’s profile and take these steps:

  1. Click on the Pipeline tab
  2. Click on the Prospective tab
  3. Click on the Actions button ( ⋮ ) next to the job for which you would like to create the interview.
  4. Select Pre-Screen with Video, and click on Spark Hire

Next, select the question set you would like the candidate to respond to, set a deadline, and click on Save.


Sending Interviews from the Job Page

Follow the same steps as listed above from the candidate page, using the Actions button ( ⋮ ) next to the candidate rather than the job.


Watching Completed Interviews

Navigate to the candidate’s profile and take these steps:

  1. Click on the Communications tab
  2. Click on Spark Hire Video Interviews
  3. Click on the Completed tab
  4. Click on View

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