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Spark Hire Getting Started Checklist

Emily Wengert
Emily Wengert
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Below are the steps to get you sending, watching, and reviewing interviews in Spark Hire. If you need help along the way you can contact our Support Team for technical issues.



1. Set Up Branding

Branding customizes your interview invites, landing pages, and emails sent out through the platform. Click here for detailed instructions.

  • Upload a Header Logo and Profile Picture
  • Select a brand Color
  • Add Photos and an optional Profile Video

2. Add Videos

Go to your video library and record or upload videos to personalize your interviews. We highly recommend you at least add an intro video.

3. Create a Questionnaire

A questionnaire is information that we gather and verify from your candidates before they enter their interview.  We recommend you verify your candidate’s name, and email address and collect their resume. Some questionnaire options are included in all plans, others are premium add-on features.

4. Create a Question Set

 A question set is a saved set of questions that you will ask the candidates in their interview that you can re-use for interviews you create in the future. While creating question sets we recommend you follow our best practices

5. Create a Job

Creating a job in Spark Hire makes sure the job information populates on the interview invite and keeps your interviews organized.

6. Create and send Interviews

We recommend using the open one-way interview and hyperlinking the interview in your own email. We have email templates you can use.

7. Share an Interview

Depending on your plan, there are a few sharing options available.

8. Watch and Review an Interview

While watching interviews, you can leave a rating and comment under each response from the candidate. To see an overall average of your team’s rating, and compare it to yours, navigate to the ‘Ratings’ tab.

9. Evaluate a Candidate

Saving an interview evaluation enables you to track whether an interview was passed, failed, or needs a decision.

  • Mark an interview as passed or failed
  • Mark a candidate as hired or rejected
  • Email your candidate from the platform 

10. Set Up Your Scheduler

If you are creating a live interview we recommend using our scheduler to schedule live interviews with your candidates.

  • Connect your Calendar
  • Create a custom event
  • Send your link

11. Track your Progress In Analytics

In your analytics tab, you can track your hires and their reasoning for rejecting candidates. 


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