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Process Playbook: Where to add Spark Hire in your hiring process

Emily Wengert
Emily Wengert
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A new hire will work with multiple people across the organization in various departments. Each department is looking for a specific skill set in a new hire, and it’s important for a new hire to be culture additive. Without Spark Hire, the only way for each internal stakeholder to assess the candidate is to have them all meet the candidate. With Spark Hire, 1 on 1 and panel interviews can be reserved only for people who must meet them, giving the secondary stakeholders (and even more) a way to “meet” them virtually.

Where to add Spark Hire in your hiring process

This really depends on the stages that you’re looking to consolidate and whether or not a volume problem also exists.

Generally though, if you have either multiple interviews with different stakeholders and/or a panel interview with a large group of stakeholders, here’s what we’d recommend:

  1. Determine which stakeholders are absolutely necessary to have in a face to face interview
  2. During the hiring kickoff meeting, collaborate with these stakeholders to figure out the most important things that they’d want to learn about a candidate to give their evaluation.
  3. Incorporate these questions into a one-way interview and set up the front-end of your process like this:

Resume Review → Intro Call → Spark Hire One-Way Interview


When the one-way interview is completed, it can be shared with the stakeholders who won’t attend a face to face interview to get their feedback.

If there are any non-starters, the candidates won’t advance to a face to face interview with the critical stakeholders.

Alternatively, you can share the interviews with all stakeholders to get feedback so a) the ones who won’t be present for a face to face interview can provide feedback and b) the ones who will be present can validate decisions on who they’ll be meeting with.

To-Do: Read this article on intro calls - what they are and when/how to use them.

If you have a volume problem, performing an intro call might not be possible given calendar constraints and the need for speed in the hiring process. 

However, if you’re not faced with overwhelming volume, and you’re coming to Spark Hire to solve the problems associated with having too many stages, doing an intro call before a one-way interview provides the opportunity to get candidates further engaged in your hiring process.

Organizations that communicate more with their candidates, via mediums like an intro call, have a higher likelihood of of them moving to the next step.

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