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How to prepare for a live video interview

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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As you prepare for your live video interview with an organization using Spark Hire, we've put together a list of recommendations and resources below.

Recommendations and what you’ll need:

  • Log in and get familiar with Spark Hire well before your interview
  • We suggest using a desktop or laptop computer equipped with webcam and microphone capabilities and the Google Chrome Web Browser
    • If you do the interview on a mobile device, use Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS.
  • Do everything you can to ensure you are on a strong internet connection. Being connected to an ethernet cable is not required, but is recommended over wireless internet.
    • Remember to close out of other apps or services that take up network bandwidth along with tools that use your webcam and/or mic like Zoom, Teams, or Facetime.
  • We recommend using headphones during your interview for best quality audio and to prevent audio feedback or echoing.
  • Be sure your mobile device is charged, if using and Android or iOS device.

Helpful resources:

  • Help article: Read this article to learn how your live video interview works.
  • Self-guided diagnostics: After logging in to Spark Hire, go to this page and run through all of the tests. This test will ensure your device and browser are supported and will also check your network speeds.
  • Live interview concierge service: Schedule a time with our Support team for a test interview to check your hardware and connection (complimentary; based on availability).

If you have any questions or want to set up a test live video interview, please contact the Spark Hire Support team.

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