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Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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The interview analytics tab gives you visibility on key metrics related to your interviews on Spark Hire.

When you initially load the interview analytics tab, you'll see the following 4 stats:

  • Overview: This shows the total number of interviews that you have requested through Spark Hire and they are also broken down by type.
  • Conversion: This shows your conversion rates between scheduled and accepted interviews plus accepted and completed interviews.
  • Ratings: This shows the current ratings for the interviews you have filtered.
  • Interview Evaluations: This shows the interview evaluations you have logged in Spark Hire (passed or failed) and the interview evaluations that are still undecided.

Additionally, you can load the following reports by clicking Shown statistics and then checking the box next to the report you want to show.

  • Current status: This shows the current statuses for the interviews you have filtered.
  • Cumulative Stats By Month: Use this graph to see your scheduled, accepted, and completed interviews by month for up to 2 years in the past.


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