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What is the Spark Hire Library?

Jason Brown
Jason Brown
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As you expand your use of Spark Hire's robust platform, staying organized and building repeatable processes will be keys to continued success.

We developed the Spark Hire Library as a place where you can create, edit, and manage content that you're going to re-use throughout the platform.

For example, you have the ability to customize content for specific emails that are used in certain features on Spark Hire.

Further, you can add all of your personal/company videos to your Video Library so they can be easily accessed as you build out your video interview candidate experience or create video messages.

Or, maybe you want to set up all of your interview question sets before you start inviting candidates in your Question Set Library.

Our goal is to make it simple for you to quickly create this content and empower you do it at scale.

We'll continue to enhance the Spark Hire Library with additional sections, but for now, learn more about your:


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