One-Way Interview via the Android mobile app




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    Terri Gano

    Interesting new way to interview. I think I will like this much better than the usual in-person interviewing technique; although, I can't imagine how my questions for the company would be able to get answered unless I made it as far as the job offer.

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    David Clive

    Inefficient market research is one of such causes. No matter how great of a skillset you possess if you cannot figure out your audience’s needs and requirements then the final product won’t be of any use to anyone. at

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    Johan Jones

    This app gives relief to employers from the time-wasting interview process. But I wondering how many questions will be added for selecting the right candidate for the job. A game development company The Mascoteers needs to ask many questions for selecting the candidate for their development team. How this company would be able to get answers to their questions.

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